Full Stack Java Development (Tamil)

What you'll Learn

Java Full Stack Development

Diff B/W Java & Other (C,C++) Java History
Java Features
Java programming format
Java Statements Java Data Types
Software- JDK,JRE,JVM
Feature history of java
Basic Java

– Operations & types
-History and Features of Java
-C++ vs Java
-Hello Java Program
-JDK, JRE, and JVM (Java Virtual Machine)
-JVM Memory Management
-Internal details of JVM
-Unicode System, Operators, Keywords

Control Statement
-if else
-do while for break, continue

-Array definition
-Single – multi dimensional array
-String – string handling method
-String buffer
-String tokens

Introduction in Java
Introduction to oops

Object oriented programming
-Class & object declaration
-Type of method
-Passing object method
-Argument Constructions
-What is constructions
-Type of constructions
-Over loading
-This keyword

-What is interface
– multiple inheritance

-Step to implement
-Package access protection
-Class path

Exception handling
-build exception
-user definition exception

-Thread life , class
-Runnable interface

Stream & files
-File class
-class hierarchy
-Input \output stream

Wrapper class
-Classes used as wrapper

Generics & collection frame work
-Generics , hash set
-Linked list , vector ,hash map , array, stack, queen

Abstract windowing toolkit ( awt)
-Frame , label , text field, button choice ,list , check bon , group adding , image to frame ,all listens & methods

-Windowpanes,JFrame,Jlabel,JTextfield,Button,JCheckbox, J Radium Button , j Table , Adding Image , J Frame

-Applet life cycle
-working with graphics

-Types of network
-Socket of client socket
-Server socket , Url

STRING Manipulation
-String Buffer

I/O Streams
-Byte-oriented streams
-Character – oriented streams

Inner Classes
-Member Inner Class
-Static Inner Class
-Local Inner Class
-Anonymous Inner Class

Collection Frame Work
-Util Package interfaces, List, Set, Map
-List Interface 7 Its Classes
-Set Interface & Its Classes
-Map Interface & Is Classes

-Individual Components Lable, Button, Check Box, Radio Button,
-Choice, List, Menu, Text Field, Text Area

-This chapter deals with Serialization, Deserialization, and Java transient keyword.

Java Annotation
-This chapter deals with Java annotations, Built-In Java annotations like @Override, @SuppressWarnings, @Deprecated, @Target, @Retention, @Inherited, @Documented, Java custom annotations, and types of annotations.

-Agile model
-Advantages, and Disadvantages of Agile model
-Agile versus Waterfall method
-Important terminology: Scrum, Scrum Master, Flow of Agile

Implementation, Sprint, and Burn down Charts

Design Pattern
-Singleton Object
-Singleton design pattern with Serialization
-Factory Pattern
-Abstract Factory.

Input Output Stream
-File Output Stream, File Input Stream
-Buffered Output Stream, Buffered Input Stream
-Sequence Input Stream
-Byte Array Output Stream, Byte Array Input Stream
-Data Output Stream, Data Input Stream
-Java Filter Output Stream, Java Filter Input Stream
-Java Object Stream, Java Object Stream Field
-File Permission Writer, Reader, File Writer, File reader
-Buffered Writer, Buffered Reader
-Char Array Reader, Char Array Writer
-Print Stream, Print Writer
-Output Stream Writer, Input Stream Reader
-Pushback Input Stream, Pushback Reader
-String Writer, String Reader
-Piped Writer, Piped Reader
-Filter Writer, Filter Reader, File Descriptor, Random Access File, and java util. Scanner

Static Keyword
-This chapter deals with the following important topics.
-What is Static keyword?
-Static variable
-Static method
-Static block, Instance block
-Static Nested Class in Java
-Difference between static variable and instance variable, static method and instance method, static block, and instance block.

Final Keyword
-Final keyword
-Final variable
-Final method
-Final class

Advance Java JDBC
-Introduction to JDBC
-JDBC API to connect Java and DB connectivity.
-Drivers and types of Driver.
-Complete Architecture of JDBC.
-Steps to connect Two applications.
-Connectivity with Oracle.
-Connectivity with MYSQL.
-Application to create tables.
-Application to insert ,delete, update, drop table.
-Metadata extraction from ResultSet.
-SQL commands to recieve data from DB.
-Scrollable ResultSet.
-Batch Updates.
-Transaction management.
-Stored procedure.
-Connection pooling.

JEE/Server Side Programming Servlets
-Introduction to servlet.
-Basics of web.
-Servlet Interface.
-HttpServlet and servlet life cycle.
-Steps to prepare web application.(Appache Tomcat server)
-Approaches to prepare servlets.
-Annotations in servlets.
-JBOSS/Wildfly server.
-Glassfish server.
-session mechanism.
-Servlet filters.
-Web Security

Java Server page (JSP)
-Basic of JSP
-Life cycle of JSP.

Scripting element
-Scriplet tag.
-Sxpression tag.
-Declaration tag.

Implicit Objects
-Page context.

Directive Element
-Page directive.
-Include directive.
-Taglib directive.

Exception Handling
-Using try catch.
-Using implicit object.
-Using JSTL tags.

JSP Standard tag library (JSTL)
-Introduction to JSTL tag libraries.
-Downloading external lib jar to access inbuilt functions.
-Core tags.
-SQL tags.
-Function tags

-Data persistency.
-ORM[object relational mapping].
-Hibernate Architecture.
-Steps to prepare Hibernate application.
-CRUD operations using ORM approach.
-Servlet-Hibernate Application.
-JSP-Hibernate Application.
-Persistence Object lifecycle, Schema Generation Tools.
-Primary Key Generation Algorithms in Hibernate.
-Hibernate Mapping
-Bulk Operation.
-Native SQL.
-Criteria API.
-Hibernate Filter.
-Hibernate Transaction Management.
-Hibernate Connection pooling.

-Introduction to Spring Framework.
-Steps to prepare Spring Application.
-Spring JDBC-DAO Module.
-Spring AOP Module.
-Spring Transaction module.
-Spring ORM Module.
-Spring Web and MVC Module.
-Spring Security Module.
-Maven tool.
-Spring Boot.

01.Quiz management.
02.Online Bank Management. Food Ordering System.
03.ATM money transaction. Library Management.
04.Online Test portal.
05.Human resource management system. E commerce.


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