Android App Development (Tamil)

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Basic to Advance :

What you'll Learn

Java Important Topic of Android

  • OOPS

  • Class, object, inheritance, Abstraction, encapsulation

  • Getter, setter, types, super, final, this keyword

  • Constructors overloading in java

  • Static keyword in java

  • Method and Method overloading & overriding Inner classes in java generics

  • Access Modifiers in java

  • Packages & static Import

  • Interface in java

  • Exception handling

  • User defined exception

  • Thread in java and thread synchronization

  • Event handling

  • Collection framework

Design UI In Android


  • Android X Advanced

  • Material components

  • App compact text


Implementing Concepts

  • Grid View & Custom In android

  • Expandable In list view android

  • Check Box & Value Passing Through Intent

  • Alert Dialog, Number Picker & Custom Toast

  • Recycle & Card view

  • Adapter view

  • Navigation drawer in android

  •  Notification in android 

  • Alarm in android

User interface architecture & widgets

  •  Intent
  • Activity life cycle
  • Supporting multiple screen size 
  • Text controls
  • Button controls
  • Image


  • Status bar notification 
  • Test notification
  •  Menu
  •  Option menu
  • Content menu
  • Broadcast receives
  • Services & notification 
  • Toast
  • Popup

Basic android contest

  •  Activity
  • Menus 
  • Intent
  • Content


  •  Shared preferences

Firebase Real Database

  • Live Data fetching in Firebase

Content provides & Data base

  •  SQLite data base 
  • Cursor
  • Room Data base

Network communication

  • Self service 
  • HTTP client 
  • Xml & json

Rest API

  •  Retrofit
  •  Volley concepts, HTTP Request


  • Alert dialog
  •  Custom dialog
  •  Dialog & activity


  •  String arrays

Web service

  • Soap & rest overview
  • Working with soap
  •   Working with rest



  • Array adapters

  • Base adapters

  • Custom list view

  • Grid view adapters

  • Gallery using adapters

  • List view & list activity


  • Service in android

  • Implementation a service

  • Service life cycle

  • Foreground service

  • Background service

App Publish in Play store

Main Projects

  • E-Commerce App
  • Live Tracking
  • Restaurant App
  • To Do App with Jetpack Compose MVVM
  • Build Chat App with Firebase and Android



  • Knowledge : No Before Knowledge required since in this class we will teach you from very basic to a pro level 
  • Education Background: Any department student can enrol this course
  • Internet Speed : Minimum 2Mbps for Smooth flow
  • System Requirements : At-least Basic model laptop required to practice the topics

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