About Us

Just Rise Academy is an online learning  marketplace for K to Job Seekers that provide Online Gig Job/Freelancing Courses in regional languages at an affordable cost. Just Rise is aimed at Unemployed- Online Gig Job Seekers.

About Founders

Jebin Jose

Founder & CEO

Siva Priya Rajendran

CO-Founder & CFO

Our Vision

Who We Are

Education should be available to everyone & And money shouldn't be a barrier to one who willing to learn.

  • There is equality of opportunity for women access to work advancement and economic decision-making.
  • Women receive decent pay
  • Access to women digital upskilling

To inspire and motivate job seekers to:

  • Provide digital gig job upskilling to 100 million peoples before 2025

  • Transcend the limits of traditional boundaries imposed on them, and explore goals that stretch them to new possibilities  

  • Expand their capability to their highest level of personal and professional excellence in whatever work roles they choose

  • Harness their inner strength to conquer work and life challenges 

Our Mission

Who We Are

Learn From Industry Leaders
Learn at Your Own Pace
International Certification