After Effects Master Live Class


Basic to Advance :

What you'll Learn

Software Used

Photoshop , Premiere Pro, After Effects and Cinema 4D

Introduction to Photoshop

  • Introduction
  • Photoshop tools
  • Interface Setting up your 1st project
  • Layer Arrangement
  • Multi Layering
  • Masking
  • Clean Plate
  • Wire Removal
  • Tracker Removal Pen Tool
  • Matte Painting Exporting Layer

Introduction to Premiere Pro

  • Introduction to Interface
  • Setting up your 1st project
  • Sequence
  • Export Settings
  • Basic Color Correction
  • Composition Basic

Introduction to After Effects

  • Know about VFX
  •  Interface Setting up your 1st project
  • Keyboard Hotkeys

Major Topics in VFX

  • 2D Animation

  • Greenscreen Keying

  • Crowd Replicate

  • Rotoscope

  • Wire and Rig Removal

  • Tracking

  • Camera Tracking & Match Move

  • Matte Painting

  • Clean Plate

  • Cinema 4D

  • Premiere Pro

  • 3D Title and Handling

  • Motion Graphics Template Creation

  • Ads Making

Matchmove and Matte Painting

  • Tracking Concepts
  • Basic Camera
  • Movements Camera Projection
  • Solid layers
  • Adjustments Layers
  • Masks and Shapes
  • Creation Motion of Action Footage
  • One Point Tracking
  • 3D Object
  • Matchmove

Text & Animation

  • Solid and Text Layers
    Font, Styles, Color & Adjustments
  • Animation using KeyFrame by Frame
  • Text Animation
  • Motion Graphics with Text

Introduction to 3D in After Effects

  • Cinema 4D in After Effects
  • Camera Setup
  • Basic Lights in After Effects Camera
  • Creation & Animation
  • Null Objects
  • Parenting and Child Layers
  • 3D Title
  • Tracking
  • Tracking Camera Movements
  • 3D Logo Making
  • Creating & Selection of Track Points
  • Null Objects & Solid Layers for 3D Position, Rotation & Orientation in 3D

Introduction to Rotoscope

  • Rotoscopy
  • Masking & Keying , Roto
  • Masks and Shapes
  • Creation Motion of Action Footage One Point Tracking
  • Roto Brush

Render & Final composite

  • Render & Set Up
  • Basics of Rendering & Exporting
  • Rendering Still Images & Sequences
  • Exporting Video
  • Files & Formats



  • Knowledge : No Before Knowledge required since in this class we will teach you from very basic to a pro level 
  • Education Background: Any department student can enrol this course
  • Internet Speed : Minimum 2Mbps for Smooth flow
  • System Requirements : At-least Basic model laptop required to practice the topics

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